About the Lab

The Future Narratives Lab is a non-profit initiative that works to define and analyse the underlying cultural models that shape the debates around key challenges of our time, and design alternative approaches that create better outcomes.

Our structure

The Lab operates as a flexible network of associates, building agile, specialist teams for the needs of each project. You can see some of our recent associates below.

Who we are

Daniel Stanley

Founder & CEO

Daniel is a strategic communications specialist, with a background in social psychology and community organising. He writes and lectures on narrative, values & framing. He founded and led movement-building digital agency Small Axe, working with many of the world’s biggest NGOs, Social Enterprises and campaigning organisations, and is currently Creative Director at consultancy Cohere Partners.

Christophe Fricker


Christophe is a linguist focusing on the relationship between language use and community building. A former founding partner of Nimirum, a social research and consultancy firm, he has taught at Oxford, Duke and Rutgers, and is now a Lecturer in German and Translation Studies at the University of Bristol.

Sarah Stein Lubrano

Head of Content Strategy

Sarah is a DPhil researcher in Political Theory at Oxford University, studying the relationship between emotion and politics in democracies. Previously she worked as the Head of Content at The School of Life, designing their curriculum and writing for their YouTube Channel. She has previously worked as filmmaker, prison tutor, student welfare officer, and obituary writer.

Toby Tobias


Toby is a multidisciplinary artist with a particular interest in popular music, dialogue, and the public sphere. His projects include investigations into grass roots politics, partisan pop-songs, agonistic utopianism, and cooperative practices. He has shown recently at Pi Artworks in London, the Sound & Vision Festival at the Royal Academy of Music, Bastioni Association in Florence, the Coventry Biennial, and Beaconsfield Gallery, as well as performing at the Barbican Centre, on BBC Radio 4, BBC 1, and Channel 4.

Navneet Gidda


Navneet is a multidisciplinary strategic communications expert. Her work and personal ethos is influenced by a number of social sciences including art history, photography, literature, and ethics. She is particularly interested in how digital communications are reshaping human nature and decision-making in public policy, as well as how we can better communicate existential issues and narratives about future societies through collaboration with the arts. Navneet is currently leading the Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine’s creative strategy. She has previously worked for political leaders, think tanks, and charities in Canada, Britain, and America.

Anna Fielding


Anna is a Senior Adviser at the Economic Change Unit, and a Senior Associate at Cohere Partners. She was Founder and CEO at the Finance Innovation Lab, a pioneering project building a financial system that serves people and planet, is a trustee of the New Economics Foundation, and a Senior Advisor at the Economic Change Unit.