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Narrative Work

Narrative Work

Putting the Future of Education back on the Political Agenda

Building on our ‘How to Disagree Better about Education’ Report from earlier this year, PSHE Chief Executive Jonathan Baggaley explores why ambitious visions for education remain neglected in the political landscape, and what might be done to change that. This piece draws on and links to input from panellists at…
Narrative Work

The Role of Property in Food Futures

As part of our Reframing Food Futures project, we are publishing a series of blogs on themes around food and how they interact. In this blog, Olivia Oldham provides us with an understanding of how property and private ownership play a role within food systems change and how it directly…
Narrative Work

Reframing Food Futures

In collaboration with the Landworkers’ Alliance and Stir to Action, the Reframing Food Futures Project aims to create a unified vision of a healthy, just, and sustainable food system by overcoming its current narrative barriers. The project was launched on September 15 as a convening workshop in Bristol where participants from various food…

How to Disagree Better About Education

Education debates in the UK today are dominated by binary and divisive framings, that crowd out the true variety of perspectives and philosophies in play. In this new report with the PSHE Association, we aim to surface this diversity, with the aim of supporting more constructive discussion and debate. More information…