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How can we overcome narrative barriers to food systems change? In October, as part of our Reframing Food Futures project in partnership with the Landworkers’ Alliance and Stir to Action, we brought together seven speakers and a community of practitioners to explore this question, including presentations from:

    • Ian Byrne MP on The Right to Food Campaign
    • Dr Kai Heron on Regenerative Farming
    • Dr Nicola Scott on Diversity in Food Production

All speakers from the summit can be found below. The summit built on findings from our in-person narrative analysis workshop a few weeks earlier.

Get the recording of the Online Summit


Daniel explained the context and aims of the overall project, how it fits into the Future Narrative Lab’s ideas about changing narratives, and where we plan to take this work next.

Tesni presented findings from our analysis stream looking at how to overcome individualised, consumerist framings of the relationship between food and health.

Aryo’s presentation explored the outcomes of our work looking at the way that food poverty and food waste are presented as (dis)connected issues, and their common roots obscured. 

Marija’s presentation outlines how visions of the ‘future of food’ are dominated by machine-led, industrialised conceptions, and what might be done to change that

Kai’s talk explores the different ways that ‘Regenerative Farming’ and ‘Agroecology’ can be understood as both overlapping and competing concepts, and what we should expect as a result. 

Ian Byrne MP talked about the campaign for a ‘Right to Food’, and how it has stretched from community activism to the United Nations

Nicola’s presentation focussed on how we might move beyond the limited way that ‘inclusion and diversity’ are currently understood within food production, to a more holistic approach.

Jo’s presentation tackled the central question of what ‘Food Sovereignty’ might mean in a UK context, the challenges and opportunities, and the Landworkers’ Alliance’s plans for the future. 

After watching, complete this form to tell us what tools or areas of study would be most helpful for you in overcoming narrative barriers to food systems change. Email us at with any other questions/comments you may have.

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