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Memes, Myths and Existential Art: the far right & the end of the world

The resurgence of far-right activism and violence in the last decade has cast a worrying shadow over politics across the world, and posed particular challenges for democracy and human rights.

What can we learn from the nature of the materials and memes that have been a feature of far right discourse? What are the underlying narratives and myths that unite the very different types of far-right media, how do they function, and what are their foundational ideas? In this panel in November 2021 we were joined by:

  • Michael Colborne, a journalist who has written extensively about the far right, and manager of the Bellingcat Monitoring Project
  • Kate Davis, Chief of Staff at Moonshot,  a social enterprise working to end online harms
  • Navneet Gidda, Associate at the Future Narratives Lab and Communications Manager at the Cambridge Centre for AI & Medicine

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