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Reframing Food Futures

Overview of the Project

In collaboration with the Landworkers’ Alliance and Stir to Action, the Reframing Food Futures Project aims to create a unified vision of a healthy, just, and sustainable food system by overcoming its current narrative barriers. The project was launched on September 15 as a convening workshop in Bristol where participants from various food and farming organisations worked in groups to unpack and analyse the dominant framings and political structures of three main narrative areas: health and atomised consumerism; food waste and insecurity; and tradition vs. industrialisation.

Findings from the workshop were then shared with the public through an online summit, which was was held in October 15. Speakers and topics on the day included Ian Byrne MP on the Right to Food CampaignDr. Kai Heron (Lancaster University) on Regenerative Farming and Agroecology, Dr. Nicola Scott (Stir to Action) on going beyond Diversity and Inclusion in Food Production, and Jo Kamal (the Landworkers’ Alliance) on Food Sovereignty in the UK.

Learn more about the project below; email us at to get in touch for updates or opportunities for further work.

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