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Divisive narratives in Education currently capture the most attention. They emphasise difference, focusing on the most tendentious areas of controversy and distracting attention from areas where novel approaches might be found. But how might we move past these binary framings?

Working with the PSHE Association, we published our findings through our  ‘How to Disagree Better about Education’  report, and have followed up with a series of articles — the first of which is now available through the Fully Human website. In it, Future Narratives Lab Executive Director Daniel Stanley, explores why ambitious visions for education remain neglected in the political landscape, and what might be done to change that.

This piece draws on and links to insights from speakers at the launch event: Luke Tryl, UK Director of More in Common; Julie McCulloch, Director of Policy at ASCL; Jonathan Baggaley, CEO of the PSHE Association and Sarah Stein Lubrano, Head of Research at Future Narratives Lab.

Get access to all articles about the report, including upcoming ones, by subscribing to Fully Human. For further updates on the How to Disagree Better About project, get in touch here.

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